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Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 20:21:12 MST

On Friday, January 18, 2002 8:43 AM Robert J. Bradbury wrote:
> Finally one needs to balance the benefit any diagnostic information
> might provide with technology trends. If exposure to ionizing
> radiation produces a cancer or accelerates aging one has to
> balance that against diagnostic information that might result
> with regard to pre-existing conditions.

But this was my point in my post. That's why I asked and ask again:
"Is the benefit worth the risk?"

> Our ability to deal
> with the ill-effects of current tests will be significantly
> increased in the future. So tests which significantly serve
> to promote one surviving to that future time (without having
> to be suspended) are perhaps justifiable even if they would
> be considered undesirable in a perfect world.

I'm not sure. Just offering as a position is not the same as actually
quantifying the risks and benefits involved. Until more work is done in
this area, I don't plan on taking a whole body scan and I recommend
others likewise stay away from it -- unless there is some underlying

Also, given the variation in levels of training, technique, and
equipment, it's also best to stay away from such risky diagnostic
techniques. Until there's more uniformity and quality measures in this
area, it's best to shy away from it. Let the other sheep get sheered or
skinned alive.:)

I also bet a lot of the people getting full body scans don't do much
more practical things, such as get yearly blood tests or physicals. If
there's one medical procedure I do recommend to everyone on this list,
it's to get comprehensive blood tests at least once every two years, if
not more. Check into your health coverage to see if this is covered.

As for the earlier comment:
> One might "mitigate" these effects (perhaps by consuming
> high levels of Vitamin E for a couple of weeks before the
> examination).

I think something more than increasing vitamin E levels is in order.
Also, I'm not sure if antioxidants in themselves will be enough. More
work needs to be done.


Daniel Ust

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