Re: Expletive Humor (was: Re: Skeptics and extropians)

From: Alejandro Dubrovsky (
Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 11:49:59 MST

On Wed, 2002-01-23 at 03:32, Amara Graps wrote:
> My Dad was amused by my questions about 'kaka' and he said in many
> languages, here in Europe, it means 'shit' in a kind of mild form,
> not to be used in polite conversations. In Latvian 'kaka' means the
> same, in a kind of in baby talk, and he thought that the Jewish
> folks use 'kaka' in the same way. In Greek, that mild expletive =
> 'skatÓ', in German = 'scheisse', in Russian = 'sratj'. See, now you
> have more choices for expletives... (He didn't know about the
> Romance languages, however I vaguely remember in French = 'merde').

in spanish it's caca too, but also as a very mild form not really used
unless talking to children.

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