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From: Arona Ndiaye (
Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 11:47:55 MST

Greetings to each and everyone,

Software architect, 29, male. Been playing with computers since my Vic20, C64
etc... I was a bit lost ( about my role in life ) until I read:

** "The society of the mind" by Minsky (read it in French, unsure of title in
english). I was 16, and it blew my mind...again and again....

** "Engines of creation" by Drexler. (In fact I'm re-reading it hehe just for

** "The low beyond + FAQ about the meaning of life" etc...+ "CFAI" by
Yudkowsky. Eliezer was like a gift from heaven.

** "The programmer's stone" by Alan Carter. Fantastic work.

Each of these readings changed my life a little bit more. Or perhaps, what
actually changed was how I saw the world at large.

I consider myself a Singularitarian.

Most kind regards,

Arona Ndiaye,

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