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From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 07:34:29 MST

>From: Anders Sandberg <>

>I think Harvey has an interesting point with that immortality may
>not immediately become a hit. If there is some cost or trouble
>involved (like a training regimen, or keeping a sufficiently
>dynamic mind) it may take quite a while even for immortality to
>become popular. We tend to think of longevity and immortality as
>the best things possible, but these views are not universally held
>and often people (us included!) value short-term rewards over the
>long-term rewards of longevity. This might contribute to a gradual
>spread of superlongevity rather than everybody getting it as
>quickly as possible.

When I talk to people about our ideas I always seem to get the same

When I talk about longevity people always seem to equate getting
old with getting sick/feeble. When I postulate "what if you could
be the equivalent of 35?" then they are skeptical, but very

Yes it does mean a regimen, from eating right, taking proper
supplements to spending days in the gym. But the rewards are worth

I just had an idea, what about establishing an Extropian Longevity
Protocol? It could encompass not only physical and mental health
but the required economic advice as well.

I have a reoccurring dream where we start this by opening a chain
of Extropy health clubs...


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