Re: The Politics of Transhumanism

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 20:45:59 MST

"estropico >" wrote:

> >From: Spike Jones <>
> >
> >I need to educate myself on CMT before I have a clue what you guys are
> >arguing about. spike
> Central Meme of Transhuanism (CMT for short) is my little name for the
> following: it is right to use technology to improve on Homo Sapiens.

Is that it? How could anyone possibly be against that?

> Finally, what do you mean "arguing"?! Just chewing the fat... ;-)

The term arguing does carry a bit of negative connotation for some.
I tend to forget that. As a former theology student, the terms argue,
debate, discuss, talk, visit, chew the fat, were all pretty much
interchangeable. {8-] spike

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