CLONE: Baltimore Sun on cloned cows..

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 08:14:09 MST

Just saw an article in todays paper by a Baltimore Sun reporter (the
article doesn't seem to appear on the Sun's own website, odd that) about
the cloning of a prize winning holstein cow named Zita and her many
clone sisters at a Williamsport, MD farm called, of all things,
"Futuraland 2020". A positive article on the story of the farmer and his
cow breeding career (he earns more money from breeding and selling
genetic material than from milk) and how he jumped into cloning when his
prize winning cow, Zita (who produced over 40k gallons in one year)
reached retirement age and eventually stopped producing eggs.

The reporter, Patricia Meisol, should be commended for her unbiased
reporting of the story, with no boogeyman fear mongering as is so
typical these days. She should be put on top of Pro-Act's list of people
to send press releases to.

Perhaps, also, the DC area extropians might have a field trip to the
Futuraland Farm, which is open to visitors and has an exhibit on Zita,
her parentage and offspring, including the cloning technology. The
farmer, Greg Wiles, is obviously someone who is a natural transhumanist.

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