Re: Consciousness: A Useless Hypothesis

From: John Clark (
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 00:37:38 MST

>> So sentience exists but consciousness does not. Huh?

>J. R. Molloy <>
>They are two discrete phenomena. That's why there is a
>separate word for each. Sentience pertains to the senses.
>Consciousness is a useless hypothesis.

Not that I think lexicographers are God or anything but just for fun I
looked up sentience at

1)The quality or state of being sentient; consciousness.
2)Feeling as distinguished from perception or thought.

Apparently you are using a different language than the one I and
the dictionary are using.

>> Do you really believe that?

> No, I just accept it. It's part of reality.

Your distinction between "accept" and "believe" eludes me.

          John The Computational Automaton

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