RE: gabber, ebm, future pop (was: Re: an introduction.)

From: Reason (
Date: Sun Jan 20 2002 - 23:36:51 MST

> >EBM? Excessive beats per minute?
> electronic body music. generally pretty fast. sort of a middle
> ground between techno and
> industrial.... oddly enough, the term was coined by kraftwerk,
> who are about as far away
> from modern ebm as one can be while still being electronic and
> having some form of song
> structure. some examples: front 242, vnv nation, assemblage 23,
> apoptygma berzerk,

Though start with vnv nation and apoptygma berzerk. If you like those,
you're in the club. Most of these are characterized by fast dancy beats,
overlaid with a slower more melodic/haunting/deeply voiced vocal layer. In
some strange way, if you get a bunch of people listening to German darkwave
and 80s retro in the same clubs in America, people in Germany spontenously
produce EBM. This is an example of musical standing wave resonance :)

[Industrial: the sound of two belgians having a violent argument inside a
washing machine]. is a good way to sample other people's musical tastes
without imposing to much in the way of your own preconceptions to the mix.
Search for "watcheri" for a good blend of what goes on in the more popular
goth clubs in SF.

Goth as a collection of people suffers some interesting bifurcations and
pushmepullyouisms; the technology/magic/religion divide/synthesis is one of
those. More apparent in the Bay Area than it was in the SouthWest, mind you.
I recall someone on the list a while back making a statement about being
unable to date people who believed in magic -- I sympathise, I really do.
You have no idea how much that cuts down some of our options...the grinding
of teeth when yet another person proves to be smart, witty, fun to hang out
with, but in the end turns out to subscribe to a totally incompatible


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