Re: RE: an introduction.

From: animated silicon love doll (
Date: Sat Jan 19 2002 - 20:10:48 MST

2002.01.19 18:02:30, "Harvey Newstrom" <> wrote:

>Welcome to the list! I hope you enjoy it. Please ignore the inevitable
>attacks from right-wing bigots or those who challenge your magical
>background. We have so many viewpoints on this list, that somebody is bound
>to be offensive or rude to you. I hope that doesn't discourage you. In any
>case, it shouldn't be boring!

hey, i live in utah, AND i'm genderqueer. i'm quite used to being attacked for my beliefs :)
i've enjoyed it so far, even if i have had to stop reading a few threads because they
started to go completely over my head!

and even the fluff on this list is better than most other places!

cheshire morgan. i can promise you're not losing me,
                        but i must be that which i am.
                        though i know where this could take me,
                        no tears, no sympathy.
                -vnv nation, epicenter.

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