Re: an introduction.

From: animated silicon love doll (
Date: Sun Jan 20 2002 - 12:49:29 MST

2002.01.20 7:08:20, Joe Mannix--Private Eye! <> wrote:

>Also please ignore the personal attacks upon said "right wing bigots"
>when they give their personal opinions...

so what yer saying is to just ignore the personal attacks?
i've gotten pretty good at that, over the years.... remember, most of my online life (until
about a year and a half ago) has been spent heavily entrenched in the goth scene... (and
now i'm heavily entrenched in the ebm and future pop scenes, and most of my friends are
goth. not much difference!). i'm used to drama, and i'm used to ignoring it, because i
*hate* drama.

cheshire morgan. i am not alone
                        i am not afraid
                        i am not unahppy
                        these are the words i say to myself every day
                -vnv nation, fearless.

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