WTA Officers and Membership

From: J. Hughes (jhughes@changesurfer.com)
Date: Sun Jan 20 2002 - 01:17:31 MST

I wanted to announce here the results of the recent World Transhumanist
Association (WTA) Board/EC election for officers, just to make clear the
current WTA leadership, since some continue to conflate my views with those
of the WTA:

WTA Board of Directors

Chair Nick Bostrom Ph.D.
Vice-Chair Eugene Leitl M.S.
Secretary James Hughes Ph.D.
Treasurer Mike Treder
Publications Director Mark Walker Ph.D.
(Members without portfoloio)
            Ziana Astralos
            David Pearce
            Anders Sandberg M.S.
            Eliezer Yudkowsky

More about the Board at:

The current broader WTA decision-making body, which adopted the WTA
constitution and elected the interim Board, and which will be called upon
for decisions as needed (such as naming our new magazine, Human++, this
week), is the membership of the wtahall list in yahoogroups:

(including the members of the WTA Board plus) Alan Grimes, Alex Boko, Amara
Angelica, E. Shaun, Floss, Frnak Prengel, Garret Smyth, Hal Finney, John
Smart, Matthias Ernst, Max More, M.J. Geddes, Natasha Vita More, Torsten
Nahm, D. den Otter, Samantha Atkins, Theo Theodorus Ibrahim, Frank Tipler,
and mountain@wanadoo.nl (I've forgotten who this is, sorry).

Now that we have adopted membership dues, the way to participate in the
formal governance of the WTA, and to be added to the wtahall list, is to
become a full member of the WTA. Dues are $25 for employed folks in the
developed world, and $10 for students, the unemployed, the retired and folks
in the developing world, payable to: "WTA," 72 Van Reipen Ave, PMB 255,
Jersey City, NJ 07306-2806

Please also fill out the membership form at:

The ExI and local chapters of the ExI may become formal affiliates of the
WTA by paying annual dues ($25). Formal affiliates and chapters of the WTA
also receive one vote on wtahall.

The folks on WTAhall list now are grandfathered in until the Board
determines that a sufficient number of >Hists have paid dues to become full
members, at which time those who haven't paid dues yet will need to fish or
cut bait.

Those of you who would like to participate in the WTA in a cheaper, and less
formal, way may join one or both of our two public lists:

- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wta-talk/ presumably this will be WTA's
version of the extrop list, although hopefully lower volume and we are
looking for a strong moderator to excise abusive posters

and /or

- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wta-announce for official WTA announcements

Hopefully the above makes clear that the WTA is not dominated by any
particular political viewpoint, includes a healthy representation of
extropians at all levels of decision-making, and is open to extropian

I would be glad to answer any questions about WTA membership off-list.

James J. Hughes Ph.D.
Secretary, World Transhumanist Association

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