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From: Brian Phillips (
Date: Sat Jan 19 2002 - 21:50:48 MST

From: Mike Lorrey <>

<<The Navy had the worst problems during the Gulf War. I read that at
least 2/3 of the naval women in the Gulf got pregnant before the end of
the war and had to be sent home (well, with all those seamen running
around whaddya expect? ;) ). I would be for a regulation that says that
in order to serve in a combat position, you must agree to a Norplant or
other such device during combat operations.>>

This is a problem that has continued...even at shore commands.
Part of the problem is that under the old model (i.e. stag navy)
you could allow the active-duty members to procreate and
collect suitable entitlements without them being limited duty.
Another problem that we see is the prevalence of junior
female enlisteds who find it expedient to become pregnant
as a means of getting out of base housing (similar "rapid
courtships" happen for the same reason..).
   Frankly the navy has another, more subtle problem.
Historically a large proportion of navy medical's officers
promote from below, go mustang, whatever. I have
heard considerable grumbling about the Navy becoming
an adjunct to welfare. This is creating a talent drain as
the most talented simply exit the system once they've
finished whatever educational commitments they have.
This is more of a problem in NavyMed as interact with
both members AND dependants, do immunizations and
pediatrics, OB/GYN, all that. They SEE the social
context where other sailors see only an active-duty
only work environment and of course their own
friend's families.
  I do not know if it is possible for the Fleet to function
as the gender-blind, gender-irrelevant machine social
architects would prefer.. but I do know one thing..
the implimentation of what we presently have sucks
mightily! It's getting the point that enlisted's are turning
down navy money for grad school and going into debt
on their own..just to avoid going back in as khakis :)
These should be the ones who should be Fleet heart and soul...
and instead.. the lifers, not the fire-eaters are those who
remain..all via a malevolent attrition.


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