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> On Sat, Jan 19, 2002 at 02:01:00PM -0800, Forrest Bishop wrote:
> > It was generated by copping phrases from various books and online
> > references (see next post), then pasting them together in
> > semi-logical order, much the same as the UN Declaration of Human
> > Rights and Agenda 21 were. It occured to me as well this process can
> > be automated.
> Forrest, if you think the Declaration of Human Rights was generated
> randomly, then I'm afraid the "semi-logical" "political spew" segments
> of your messages aren't the same segments you think they are.

I do not think the UN Declaration of Human Rights was generated randomly, nor did I express this notion. It has a quite deliberate
structure which is nonetheless internally contradictory, i.e. "semi-logical". The illogic begins with its title, confusing "rights"
with privileges, entitlements, favor, and status, the usual accoutrements of feudalism, for example.

> I'm not a big fan of Timothy Leary, but it's because of people like
> you, Forrest, that Leary, a long-time cryonics advocate, finally
> refused the cryonics option. He said he didn't want to spend the rest
> of time with a bunch of jerks.

The order of my posting beginning "Than[k] you for this deeply resonant... " was also not at all random. It contains a number of
observations, some more oblique than others. Consider the paragraph that begins with "Social contractual duties..." and ends with
"Those who neglect these duties should explicitly, through the vulgar devices of implied association and traducement, be cast as
poor members
of the community."
which (to me at least) is a fairly accurate description of a class of observed patterns in nature.



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