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Date: Sat Jan 19 2002 - 13:58:16 MST


I'm in wise-ass mode. Mini-rant coming. Possible
waste-of-bandwidth violation. Proceed at your own

--- Kimberly Dubbs <> wrote:
> As a long-time lurker with a rare few minutes to
> post, I can't stand by and let my gender be, once
> again, completely slammed

Welcome to delurker status, Kimberley.

Pleasant post, but, absent the rationale of welcoming
you to the list, the subject is (IMO) mostly fluff.
Human vanity. "Men are better than women." "My
brother can beat up your brother."

In my opinion, men (type A personalities actually) are
under-qualified for government or combat. They like
it too much, and thus tend to puff it up as much as
possible. No rational person likes boils on his or
her ass. From a rational point of view the exact
opposite is to be sought after: minimum government,
minimum combat.

Type A personalities, the compulsive, the obsessive,
the pushy, and those who just absoluteley know what's
right and can't resist telling others what to do, can
best apply their "talents" in commercial
entrepreneurship, and, hopefully, end up building

Combativeness, the berserker impulse, is an atavistic
liability, and waaaay too destructive to be "indulged"
in the serious business of modern combat. If it needs
to be placated or vented or channeled, then ok,
convert and exploit it as an entertainment resource.
We're most of the way there already with professional
sports, professional gladiatorial theatre (WWF),
battle bots, (not to mention real war as

Regarding qualifications for government and combat,
here are my ratings from most to least qualified:

(1) mothers
(2) type B women
(3) type B homosexuals
(4) type B men
(5) fathers
(6) The rest are unqualified; those under-motivated or
under-skilled in keeping basic human assholism in

As always the basic metric of qualification for
positions of responsability is upper-body strength.
Specifically, that part of the upper body above the

I hope it's been fun for you , too. ;-)

Best, Jeff Davis

 "Everything's hard till you know how to do it."
                       Ray Charles


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