Re: Beingness

From: Olga Bourlin (
Date: Sat Jan 19 2002 - 13:46:17 MST

RE: BeingnessFrom: Smigrodzki, Rafal
  ### For me it's a long-sleeved shirt, straw hat, pants (never shorts), boots - all you need to protect yourself from the sunlight, mosquitoes, deer ticks and rednecks.

  You forgot to mention suntan lotion - 30 pf and up. That should take care of any problems with your neck becoming red, Doc.

  ###Isn't naturism more hassle than it's worth? I have no hangups about nudity and I am not traumatized by seeing ugly old people naked, but there are very few places in the continental US where lack of clothes enhances the experience of living.

  Yes, yes, yes. The very idea of nude people sitting on my furniture ... aaargh!


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