an introduction.

From: animated silicon love doll (
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 23:08:09 MST

hello. i'm chesh. i just joined this list. i must say, i very much enjoy getting a lot of
*intelligent* email, instead of stuff that i can skim for a second and then delete. all of you
make checking my email much more fun (albeit time consuming) than it used to be.
anyway. i'm 18. i live in salt lake city, utah. i'm extropian, transhumanist, libertarian, and a
chaos magickian. (the goals of chaos magick are to get magick down to a science,
something that anyone can do. no mumbo-jumbo, just results. anyone who tries casting a
sigil (the most basic form of magick) and does so with an open mind will get results.)
one would imagine that something that is generally so irrational would not go with
transhumanism and etc. i believe in these things, however, only because i have
observational data supporting them. think of it as mental technology. (and, btw, i
discovered transhumanism from a chaos magick list, so i'm obviously not the only one...)

i don't really know the protocol for introducing oneself here. so feel free to ask me
questions and whatnot.

cheshire morgan. i can promise you're not losing me,
                        but i must be that which i am.
                        though i know where this could take me,
                        no tears, no sympathy.
                -vnv nation, epicenter.

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