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Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 21:00:25 MST

From: "Dickey, Michael F" <>
> seems to imply that contact with ETI would refute the very laws of physics.
> To which I asked Which laws of physics explicitly forbid that.

Thanks for the clarification, Michael. I think what you mean is, How would
contact with ETI refute the laws of physics? That would make sense, since I
didn't say that any laws of physics explicitly "forbid" contact with ETI. To
qualify as laws, the predictions of theories must agree with observational
tests. "Contact" with ETI means physical connection. Since no laws of physics
predict physical contact with ETIs, and since no observational tests indicate
the presence of ETI, the laws of physics remain intact.
The ETI that I've heard about, the ones reportedly abducting Earthlings and
making "crop circles" and so on, contradict the laws of physics in that they
remain totally out of reach of our ability to confirm their existence via
physical/empirical tests, while they supposedly behave in rude and childish
ways (ie, making crop circles and abducting people). In principle, of course
it seems probable that ETI exist, because intelligent creatures have evolved
on Earth, obviously, so they could have evolved elsewhere in the universe.
Having developed high-tech that allows them to visit Earth (thus conquering
inter-stellar/inter-galactic space), they'd also experience an accelerated
rate of development which would in turn enable them to become
super-intelligent beings with no interest in visiting Earth. So, the laws of
physics that a visit by ETI would refute, are the laws of physics which make
accelerating technology possible. The so-called "Fermi's paradox" is answered
by noting that if they're smart enough to travel between galaxies (or even
stars), then ETIs are smart enough to find better things to do, which explains
why we don't see them. The laws of physics are based on reason which agrees
with observational/empirical tests, and physical connection with ETI opposes
reason because there's no reason for ETI to establish contact with Earthlings.

Contact with ETI would refute the very laws of physics because it would oppose
the reason that the laws of physics are based upon. Those fabulous little
green men would have to be stupid to visit humans, and being stupid precludes
developing the required technology.

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