Re: The Intergrated Military (was Re: Transgender Marriage)

From: J Corbally (
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 19:22:22 MST

Very interesting discussion, esp. to a "civie" like myself.

Reminded me of a recent item that made Sky and BBC News. While slightly
off the topic being discussed, here's the URL and an excerpt for it;

>Army training 'too tough for women'

>The army's new policy of making all recruits undergo the same physical
>training has resulted in many more injuries among female soldiers,
>research suggests.
>A study claims that female recruits are more than twice as likely to
>suffer injury than when they were not expected to complete such a vigorous
>training programme as men.

"If you can't take a little bloody nose, maybe you ought to go back home and
crawl under your bed. It's not safe out here. It's wondrous, with treasures
to satiate desires both subtle and gross. But it's not for the timid."
-Q, Star Trek:TNG episode 'Q Who'

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