Re: Transgender marriage

From: Party of Citizens (
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 18:42:04 MST

On Trans-species marriage:

"Then we will rape the horses,
and ride off on the wimmen"
-The Three Amigos


On Fri, 18 Jan 2002, Spike Jones wrote:

> Harvey Newstrom wrote:
> > He was in a parked car making out. The police noticed the car on a routine
> > patrol. This violated many sodomy laws, public nudity laws, sex in public
> > places laws, etc.
> Holy schlaMOLY, making out in a car is sodomy? Oh dear. Fleeing the
> great state of Florida at age 19 was the right thing for me after all. {8^D
> Regarding public nudity, there is a prominent nude beach near where
> I grew up, just north of Kennedy Space Center, Playalinda beach.
> Harvey perhaps you have been there. Turns out the nude beach
> is on the north end, right where the road access ends. One can
> start there, hike north 15 miles on the beach to New Smyrna to the
> next road access and have a friend pick one up there. This is one
> of the very few places left in the world where one can hike on a beach
> for three or four hours and not see another human the entire time, even
> on the most perfect beach weather days. But the last thing one
> will see after starting that hike and the first thing one will see at
> the other end are countless naked people. That would be fine,
> except for the fact that the kinds of people who generally go nude
> on the beach are exactly those who you would really prefer not to
> see naked. Ever. Not even in ones worst nightmare.
> {Remember that old nightmare where you get to work and suddenly
> discover you forgot to get dressed that morning? Well, that fate
> would be preferrable to seeing some of these yahoos halfway thru
> the workday discovering that they had forgotten to dress after getting
> outta the shower.}
> The local Baptists tried to make nakedness illegal at the beach. Several
> nudes began to show up in downtown Titusville, holding signs saying
> "Would you rather have us here, or out at the beach?"
> The Baptists dropped their case.
> spike

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