Humor: WHOOPS: Is it Ray or Jones?

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 17:34:30 MST

Apparently sodomy isn't the only word that Floridians have difficulty
with. In Fort Lauderdale, preparations for a celebration of Martin
Luther King, Jr Day went awry when a plaque to be presented to guest
James Earl JONES was messed up, and the plaque instead reads: "Thank
You, James Earl RAY, for keeping the dream alive." The plaque maker
claims it was a simple typo, apparently the "JONES" key is right there
next to the "RAY" key....riiiiiggghhhttt ;)

Let's hope that Bush's education reform act includes some spelling help
for the people of Florida. I wonder if the typo could be construed as a
hate crime...

Hey, thats another explaination for Jeb's son's behavior, he was just
fostering interracial relations in the spirit of the MLK holiday and
providing educational training in proper removal of bras and jockey
shorts. "Leave no brassiere behind... " ;)

Hey Harvey, what's the deal with the typsetters down there? Ah, the
article says the plaque was made in Texas.... it must be a conspiracy...

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