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Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 14:21:49 MST

> J. R. Molloy Wrote:
> John K Clark Wrote:

semantic merry-go-round.

How about this to help straighten it out? (Take the loops out of it). These
are my own (abridged) working definitions, crafted out of frustration
because exactly this kind of difficulty. I'm not one to be hung up on
standards like dictionaries or 100 years of cognitive science. :-)

In the area of the command and control systems for an entity:

The experience of sentience actually in execution.

A set of self contained memories and their working containers their and
interrelatedness that includes the capacity for intelligence and self

Self awareness
Where the memory and reasoning systems contain self referential structures
(structures that represent the entity itself- me, myself, I etc)

The capacity for memory and reasoning structures to recognise novelty and/or
extrapolate novelty from experience, and to subsequently learn.

Note humans can be un-conscious, but not unsentient (except some

_Jaron has been dislodged from my schnoz_

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