Re: Transgender marriage

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 11:22:57 MST

> > He was in a parked car making out. The police noticed the car on a routine
> > patrol. This violated many sodomy laws, public nudity laws, sex in public
> > places laws, etc. But the police declined to charge him.
> Uh, maybe we've got a different dictionary up nawth here, but sodomy is
> anal sex specifically. Making out doesn't cut it, nor is making out
> 'sex', at least by the Bill Clinton definition, nor is exposure of one's
> tongue a violation of public nudity laws. So were they doing anything
> more than kissing and what an earlier age called 'heavy petting'?

Under Florida law, "sodomy" is any "unnatural" sex act, including such
things as consensual heterosexual fellatio or cunnilingus. Florida is
a strage contradictory place: Key West has a thriving gay community,
Tampa has some of the raunchiest strip clubs in the country, "spring
break" at Daytona Beach is an extraordinary flesh fest, but all of
those horny folks are breaking the law if they actually /do/ anything.

I can actually appreciate, and partially agree with, Mike's stance
on gay marriage rights--arguing that it is merely the removal of
discrimination from an existing right is not a slam-dunk argument.
But there still is clearly a problem that /states/ grants specific
rights and privileges to individuals based on sexuality: states can
and do, for example, deny people the right to adopt a child (which
/should/ be an entirely private contract just as "marriage" ought to
be), and will even forcibly remove a child from a gay parent. /That/
shit has to stop, whether or not redefining "marriage" is the right
way to go about it.

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