Re: The Integrated Military

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 09:11:26 MST

Tom Cowper wrote:
> Well, sure. The Navy is integrated. The Air Force is or almost is, and
> the Army is a lot more integrated than the Marines. Desert Storm was an
> interesting experiment. And the reports weren't all that good, though I
> haven't seen any scientific evaluations of the problems. Lots of
> pregnancies resulted in a lot of women being taken out of operational
> positions because they couldn't perform. That in itself created problems
> among the men who had to stay and take up the slack. But if they're as
> good looking as those Canadian soldiersJames was talking about,
> definitely. :)

The Navy had the worst problems during the Gulf War. I read that at
least 2/3 of the naval women in the Gulf got pregnant before the end of
the war and had to be sent home (well, with all those seamen running
around whaddya expect? ;) ). I would be for a regulation that says that
in order to serve in a combat position, you must agree to a Norplant or
other such device during combat operations.

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