Re: The Intellectual Fathers of Fundamentalism

Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 01:21:38 MST

The fundamrntalism of which the authior writes about is Islamic
fundamentalism. This is what this new war is all about, as the author noted.
Consider the conjecture that WW3 has already happend, with the
western/republics/oligoplolies/capitalists winning, circa 1991. Consider the
conjecture that this is WW4, the struggle against Islamic fundamentalist as
funded by the Saudi Wahabbis, Muslims Brotherhood, and a hodge-podge of other
fundamentalist interests, including dear-old Saddam, and the Iranian

So, this is like a combination of the Cold War, with all its subtrfuge, mixed
in with terrorism versus military strikes, and what I suspect will soon be
assasinations. Just as life didn't stop during the Cold War, neither will
modern life in West. But the war will go on. Not a comforting thought, but we
as a species will survivr and thrive and the Islamists will be made to fall,
eventually. A Modus Vivendi may occur when power is harnessed by reason. But
we may have to prepare ourselves for a bloody-awful fight(s).

JoeDees quoting Lisa Lindburg:
<< Tibi himself commutes between West and East as a sort of messenger of
peace and is among a handful of prominent Muslim intellectuals who are
demanding the separation of religion and politics. He views the events in
September as a considerable setback. “Today, I must admit that the
fundamentalists’ war—up until now a war of values—has taken on a military
dimension that has manifested itself in the jihad-soldier’s terrorism.” >>

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