Re: Jaron Lanier Got Up My Shnoz on AI

From: Steve Nichols (
Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 08:44:16 MST

>Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 01:16:51 -0500
>From: "John Clark" <>
>Subject: Re: Jaron Lanier Got Up My Shnoz on AI

>Randall Randall <> Wrote:

> >I'd like to know what evidence you have that they [other people] really
> >are aware of themselves in a way that, for instance, a rock isn't.

Methinks you can turn this the other way around entirely. The only thing
that IS certain is sentience/ awareness. Everything else is just a content
of consciousness .... (cite Kuhlenbeck &c).

MVT isn't solipsism by the way, but does have aspects of philosophical
idealism. There is no way of proving the 'material world' at all, ultimate
reference comes down to our senses and human 'minds.'

The rock is a figment of my (or our shared) dream or hallucination!

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