Re: One humanity, all in the same boat

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 00:16:06 MST

Samantha Atkins wrote

> We have deeply mortgaged our own future and chained ourselves
> more than a little.

Mortgages are good. They allow us to have better homes.

> And the above does not take into account
> the trillions of additional indebtedness at the state and local level.

Government indebtedness keeps governments stable. If your
government owes you money you will be less likely to overthrow it.

> Note the first of these links showing the stagnation of
> median income and the overall economic weakness of the middle
> class.

Our middle class is in great shape. They have cars, clothes,
plenty to eat. They work, they produce stuff. If people get
too rich, they wont work and stuff doesnt get produced. Stagnation
of the middle class is a good thing.

> Clearly something is not so rosy in this supposed best
> of economies.

Looks pretty rosy to me Samantha, and Im one of the
middle class proles that gets up every morning and fights
traffic to get to my job. Traffic is a good thing. It is
people, surging to get to work and make good things
happen! Its the pulse of a healthy economy.

> All of that sounds fine in principle. But what will you do
> about the huge debts we are under?

Work hard, pay it off. Keep your butt to the grindstone. Builds
character. Gets things done. Makes things happen. Good old
fear of economic ruin keeps people off the streets.

> They are eating away at our properity.

Prosperity schmosperity. We have more wealth than we know
what to do with. Something hasta eat it, or we would waste our
lives on endless round of masturbation and daytime TV. Talent
would be wasted.

> What will you do when/if the number of people
> working and with the means to help those not working goes below
> the amount that by any stretch of the imagination can cover
> thsoe without jobs?

Then we will solve that problem.

> What will you do when the federal debt is
> so high that even the interest on it swamps taxes collected and
> all the boomers retire and expect the money that has been
> siphoned off into the debt?

Then we will solve that problem. The underlying wealth of
this planet is elegantly sufficient to feed everyone, to feed
thrice as many as we now have.

> It would be nice if there are clean, easy, straight-forward
> answers. But I do not know of them if there are such.
> - samantha

Samantha, do not be a gloom-miester. Our world's problems
are many, but for each one there is a gang of big hairy
solutions waiting to pounce on it. spike

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