Natasha is forever young to me!

From: John Grigg (
Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 18:33:33 MST

I wrote:
Julie will be 57 by the year 2030, and I will ancient, too!! I hope we're not too decrepit by the time 2030 gets here. :)

you replied:
>Hahahahaha. Hahah. Thanks John for the a.m. laugh!

Natasha, considering the very rough day you had, I'm so glad I gave you a laugh(a good laugh...?)! I hope Max can make it all better this evening for you. :)

you later wrote:
>(Pssst ... John Grigg - if you're list'n, send me >out to pasture. I'm over 50.)

Natasha!! I would never send you out to pasture! : ) It's just that if resisting/managing aging were a sport, you would be the olympic athlete while Julie and I were the evening strollers at the local park!

I have read and enjoyed your essay, Ageless Thinking. It is something I should read every time I have a birthday. I reread it while writing this post.

So, in 2030 you will be in your eighties! You and Max then will really be able to show off your vitality(as compared to the rest of us in 2030 -lol)!

best wishes,


On Wed, 16 Jan 2002 18:29:45 wrote:
>From: Beat Weber
>Hmm... :-)
>The inside scoop is that I have the bloody FLU, or food poisoning, and am not responsible for anything I do today, including but not limited to:
>1. Waking up @ 5:00 a.m. - just because;
>2. Squeezing my cat too tight during sleep;
>3. Drinking 2 cups of coffee;
>4. Holding back nausea while on the 10 Freeway heading downtown LA;
>5. Looking unadmirable while doubling over in the driver's seat;
>6. Forgetting to take the curlers out of my hair; and
>7. Wearing Gold’s Gym T-shirt that is dirty;
>Now, besides having a rotten morning, things are really looking up. I did a spell check thought I sent this to the list, and then now, as the sun is starting to set, I realized I sent it to Beat Weber.
>(Pssst ... John Grigg - if you're list'n, send me out to pasture. I'm over 50.)
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