Re: Jaron Lanier Got Up My Shnoz on AI

From: John Clark (
Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 08:57:26 MST

J. R. Molloy <> Wrote:

>evolution is not sentient, so it's evident that creativity can function
>independently of sentience.

You're right, I was wrong when I said you can't have creativity without
intelligence, but I wasn't very wrong. It took bumbling evolution nearly
4 billion years and a astronomical amount of death to build a brain as
complex as an earthworm's, it took intelligence only about 50 years to
do the same thing. I conclude it would be far far easier to make a
sentient creative computer than a non sentient one.

>>you were the one who said the poetry writing program was
>> non-sentient, how do you know?

>The poetry-writing programs do not *claim* to be sentient.

I can rectify that oversight with one line of code.

           John K Clark

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