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Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 18:27:59 MST

A real article ;-)
astro-ph/0201229 [abs, ps, pdf, other] :

Title: Cardassian Expansion: a Model in which the Universe is Flat, Matter Dominated, and Accelerating
Authors: Katherine Freese, Matthew Lewis
Comments: One EPS figure

A modification to the Friedmann Robertson Walker equation is proposed in which the universe is flat, matter dominated, and accelerating. An additional term, which contains only matter or radiation (no vacuum contribution), becomes the dominant driver of expansion at a late epoch of the universe. During the epoch when the new term dominates, the universe accelerates; we call this period of acceleration the Cardassian era. The universe can be flat and yet consist of only matter and radiation, and still be compatible with observations. The energy density required to close the universe is much smaller than in a standard cosmology, so that matter can be sufficient to provide a flat geometry. The new term required may arise, e.g., as a consequence of our observable universe living as a 3-dimensional brane in a higher dimensional universe. The Cardassian model survives several observational tests, including the cosmic background radiation, the age of the universe, the effective change in Newton's constant, the clus

ter baryon fraction, and structure formation. (23kb)

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