Re: The Politics of Transhumanism

Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 13:42:49 MST

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From: Mike Lorrey

>"Everysen a Chief, none Indians", as Damien says in "The White Abacus".

The underclasses should all be mindless robots, not human beings or
sentient ai. The problem with popular acceptance of this vision is that
too many people can't envision themselves as ever being a member of the
upper class, so they automatically assume that the intent is that they
be enslaved.<

Well now, Mike. I agree with you. While we may have somewhat divergent views on politics, I think the hierarchy of upper class and lower class has widdled away over the decades, society still wants to believe in it, or their need for it as a co-dependent relationship.

I am familiar with this because of living in the South during my teens and university years and co-existing in the Martin Luther King pre-post assination. I watched the race underclass while I lived in the race upperclass. I also know this as a woman who has been part of the gender lowerclass, while striving to be gender-upperclass. Then, I watched those who realized themselves beyond these lines in admiration. I wouldn't understand this psychology if I hadn't experienced it.


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