Re: Jaron Lanier Got Up My Shnoz on AI

From: Randall Randall (
Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 12:47:36 MST

On Tuesday 15 January 2002 14:28, John Clark wrote:
> J. R. Molloy <> Wrote:
> >google the phrase "computer generated poetry" to
> >discover hundreds of instances of non-sentient creativity.
> It's highly debatable that any of those programs are creative but
> if you grant that they are then you would have to reason to believe
> they were non-sentient. After all sentience is much easier to
> achieve than creativity.

It is? Creativity is just mixing data to produce new data that seems
relevant. Sentience, on the other hand, is sort of vague, and involves
awareness of self. I'm not at all sure that anyone even understands
the processes that give rise to sentience (E. Yudkowsky notwithstanding),
much less that it is even easier than creativity.

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