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There is actually new data on this phenomenon - the visual system uses
cached data to maintain the illusion of continuity after a saccade.


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> I brought up an example of the "Blue People" who synthesize
> reality "on demand" (when you enter a room, etc.).
> Their occasional forgetfullness explains situations
> where you go back somewhere to find something, find
> it isn't there (even though you thought you had left
> it there), leave, search elsewhere, then return to
> the original previously searched location and find
> it is there after all (i.e. the 2nd time around the
> Blue People remembered to put the missing item of
> reality back where it belonged).

An easy way of proving we are in a simulation is to glance quickly and
unexpectedly at your wristwatch. Often you can catch the second hand not
moving for at least 1.5 seconds. It's rather obvious it's not moving
when you aren't looking at it. Works with digital watches as well, but
usually more noticeable with analog watches. Try it.


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