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Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 07:42:23 MST

From: James Rogers <>

>>"Damien Broderick" <>

>> I don't see the relevance to my point, which was that those who
>>bleat about `evil' communistic/socialistic `free' education for
>>all never seem to worry about `virtuous'
>>rich-parent-pays-&-kid-gets-in-`free' education.

>In my not-so-long-ago educational past the actual case was that
>most parents of all economic strata paid for their children's

Actually this has never been the case since public schools came
into being. Married couples get tax breaks and most pay a fraction
of what their childrens education costs.

It is left to single people like myself to pay the bills.

>I was one of the few poor saps whose parents weren't paying for my
>education, which kind of works against you since the system
>operates under the assumption that your parents will be paying
>since most do.

As I've already pointed out this is not the case.

>I don't see where the system needs to be fixed, beyond changing
>things a bit so people whose parents aren't paying for their
>education don't get hosed. As far as I can tell, the only people
>who really lose out under the current system are people who
>neither have someone to pay for their education nor qualify for
>one of the myriad of special exceptions and aid programs that
>basically ignore otherwise ordinary non-minority folk such as

The people who lose out are people like myself who are financing
(unwillingly) other peoples kids educations.

We want that changed, let the people who choose to have kids pay
most of the real costs.


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