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From: Patrick Wilken (
Date: Mon Jan 14 2002 - 19:05:50 MST

> > >Mike Lorrey wrote:
>A population of 400,000 people is hardly 'a single data point'.

When are discussing rural versus urban environments with
approximately 300 000 000 people (if we focus this discussion simply
the USA), then a single group of 400,000 people is not a particularly
useful sample. And in any case I said the "in general, the *greatest

I agree that allowing gay marriages in Vermont is a single instance
of tolerance toward homosexual relationships from a largely rural
community, but this is hardly a knockdown argument in favour of the
equal or greater tolerance from rural versus urban communities across
the entire USA. There are many other kinds of tolerance and many
other communities in the USA. I would be surprised if there was no
significant differences between rural and urban groups in various
societal norms in the United States.

What's your evidence that social environments does not affect one's
viewpoint towards outsiders? I would be very interested in hearing

best, patrick

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