A new and powerful cryonics org is coming!

From: John Grigg (starman2050@lycos.com)
Date: Sun Jan 13 2002 - 22:19:55 MST

   Hello everyone,

   This newsbreaking letter from Bill Falloon(co-owner of the powerhouse
nutritional supplement corporation, Life Extension Foundation)
announces plans which will definitely change the face of cryonics as
we know it! : ) It was about time for a cryonics org to once again be on
the east coast!

   I am very happy to see Saul Kent and Bill Falloon including other major
cryonics players into their planning sessions. Of course, I realize they
need to keep their future customers informed!

   I notice in the letter frustration over Alcor not being "up to snuff"
when it comes to being able to upgrade itself for full vitrification
implementation. But, despite pleas to fund proposals by Fred
Chamberlain and others, the money just has not been forthcoming! I
guess Fred and Linda made the mistake of not *first" creating a for-profit
multi-million dollar company, which only than would be followed by the
forming of a cryonics organization. It is amazing how far they got
with what they had.

   My best wishes to Saul Kent and Bill Falloon. They will show us how it's


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   From: RUDIHOFFMA@aol.com
   Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 14:38:08 EST
   Subject: Important Cryonics announcement from Bill Falloon

   Hello, Fellow Cryoneters,

   Rudi Hoffman in Daytona, with a very exciting forwarding from Bill
Falloon as

   I have copied this in it's entirety from Bill, so the formatting may be a
   weird in this posting. Here is data.
   Cryonics MeetingMeeting Date: Saturday, February 16, 2002 at 2:00
   Life Extension Building1100 West Commercial Blvd-Ft. Lauderdale(Just West
   I-95. Call 1-800-544-4440 if you need directions)You are invited to an
   important meeting that will include members from ALL
   cryonics organizations. The purpose of this meeting is to gather our
   collective resources in order to make advanced cryo-preservation
   available within the next several months.

   Life Extension Foundation has just purchased from Mike Darwin, equipment
   worth about $850,000.00 (including two ambulances). We are now looking at
   potential facilities in South Florida to move some of this equipment in
   Mike Darwin has offered to spend significant time in South Florida
setting up
   the new facility and training paramedics and other medical personnel to
   implement the vitrification process developed at our 21st Century

   Here is the dilemma we now face. Since 1991, Life Extension Foundation
   spent approximately five million dollars to develop technologies that
   enable us to perfect the cryo-preservation process. While we have made
   strides in the laboratory, no cryonics organization has the capability to
   fully implement the vitrification process we have developed.For those who
   don't know, vitrification enables cells to be preserved with very little
   damage. Electron microscopy slides show minimal damage to vitrified cells
   compared to frozen cells.

   Alcor has been provided with our vitrification technology, but they are
   able to deliver this technology to the cryonics patient in an optimal
   Even if Alcor reaches the needed level of technical competence, those
   residing in Florida may be too far away from Alcor-Arizona to fully
   from it.

   Ideally, a training and vitrification facility should be established in
   Florida so that those who deanimate here will have a reasonable
   to be properly vitrified. It is imperative that we upgrade our ability to
   deliver emergency care so that cryonics patients can be properly prepared
   vitrification procedures, whether they are performed in Florida or

   Life Extension Foundation has already identified and retained paramedics
   willing to be trained for these procedures. A preliminary agreement has
   reached with Mike Darwin. Dave Shumaker, a long-time cryonicist as well
   retired businessman has agreed to be the CEO of the company that will
   these services.This meeting has been scheduled because a growing number
   Florida cryonicists are aware that the quality of the cryo-preservation
   procedure can be greatly enhanced if coordinated efforts are made to
   the talents and resources of the many cryonicists residing in this State.
   now need to identify cryonicists who would be willing to volunteer their
   to assist Mike Darwin in setting up this facility and participate in
   with the paramedics. We also need cryonicists willing to make donations
   investments to help fund the facility's operating expenses. The Life
   Extension Foundation has already committed substantial dollars towards
   project.Mike Darwin is expected to participate at this meeting and there
   should be new cryonicists present. Saul Kent will update us on ongoing
   research at the California research facilities we own. Jerry Lemler,
   President of Alcor will be on hand, along with Alcor Director Michael
   Jim Yount, CEO of the American Cryonics Society (ACS) and Edgar Swank,
   President of ACS will also attend.

   It is imperative that cryonicists attend this extremely important
   Over the past twenty years, a number of attempts have been made to
   pre-arrange emergency suspension services for Florida members, but the
   reality is that we are woefully unprepared to handle a state-of-the-art
   cryo-preservation at this time.Now that we have access to medical
   professionals and advanced vitrification technology, it is time that we
   up the mechanism to deliver this service. Our objective is to set new
   standards in the clinical implementation of cryo-preservation. This may
   motivate other cryonics organizations (including Alcor) to contract with
   to deliver this enhanced service worldwide. If this were to be the case,
   providing the most advanced delivery of human vitrification services
   turn into a profit-making business.

   The most important reason for this meeting, however, is to lay the
   to ensure that we as individuals have the best opportunity to be
   under optimal conditions.

   We will be mailing directions to the Life Extension building where the
   meeting will be held. Call Dayna Dye at 954-766-8433 if you have any
   questions.The meeting should last between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm. To make
   we have allocated enough space in the Life Extension building to house
   meeting, please notify Dayna Dye if you are going to attend. Call her at
   954-766-8433 or Email her at: ddye@lifeextension.com For those who want
   continue the conversation, a buffet dinner will be held at Saul Kent s
   residence located at the L-Hermitage condominium on Ft. Lauderdale Beach
   6:00 pm. Directions are to take Commercial Blvd East to A1A and then turn
   South to Oakland Park Blvd. Make a left hand turn at Oakland Park Blvd
   A1A and then another left into L Hermitage. Saul is in building one,
   apartment 1501. His phone number is 566-2717. If you are going to attend
   buffet dinner, please notify Dayna Dye at 954-766-8433 or Email
   her at ddye@lifeextension.com">
   ddye@lifeextension.com For longer life,

   Original said Bill Falloon.

   Forwarded by... (and yes, I will be at the meeting, as well as the
   meeting on Feb. 10.)

   Rudi Hoffman
   Member Financial Planner's Association, Certified Planner
   Member ALCOR Life Extension Foundation
   Member Libertarian Party
   Member National Rifle Association
   Member Extropy Foundation
   Board Member Port Orange Chamber of Commerce
   Board Member Daytona Salvation Army

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