Re: "Sound and Fury" over enhancements

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Sun Jan 13 2002 - 09:34:45 MST

Chris Hibbert wrote:
> Spike Jones wrote:
> > This offers an foresight to when we start to cure aging. There
> > will likely be many who will object, "what if we lose aging?"
> Remember that aging is a phase of life. The hard part is that most people
> learn to think of it as the last phase, but practically everyone remembers
> when that wasn't "who they were", so they have a mental model of changing
> which stage of life they're in. I think it'll be easier than it is for the
> deaf.

"Aging" is only wonderful to those who haven't gotten there yet. As my
89 year old grandmother (dad's mom) said when she visited my
semi-comatose, mumbling, bedridden 86 year old late-Alzheimers-stage
grandfather (mom's dad): "If I ever get like that, take me out behind
the barn and shoot me!"

Mike Lorrey

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