LANL Abstract: Metals in the Universe and Diffuse Background Radiation

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Astrophysics, abstract

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Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 15:20:42 GMT (31kb)

Metals in the Universe and Diffuse Background Radiation

Authors: B. E. J. Pagel (Astronomy Centre, Sussex University)
Comments: 10 pages, 3 postscript figures To be published in: Vulcano
Workshop: Chemical Enrichment of Intracluster and Intergalactic Medium, May
14 - 18 2001, eds. F. Matteucci and F. Giovannelli, ASP Conference Series

     An attempt is made to guess the overall cosmic abundance of
     `metals' and the contribution made by the energy released in their
     production to the total intensity of extragalactic background
     light (EBL). With a comparable or somewhat larger amount coming
     from white dwarfs, and a probably quite modest contribution from
     AGNs, one can fairly easily account for the lower end of the range
     of existing estimates for the total EBL intensity (50to 60 nwt
     m$^{-2}$ sterad$^{-1}$), but it seems more difficult should some
     higher estimates (90 to 100 in the same units) prove to be

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