Re: ROBOT: "Robot Wars" Continues To Burgeon

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Date: Sat Jan 12 2002 - 01:00:11 MST

Spike wrote
>But JR, twisted metal, chainsaws and jets of flame are inherently appealing.
>Wicked cool. It has all the elements of good entertainment: engineering,
>physical struggle, humor, destruction, etc. I am astounded we got all the
>way to 1998 before someone figured out how to make money with
>these things. {8-] spike

You're forgetting Survival Research Laboratories, Spike.
They've been putting on shows of robot twisted metal, chainsaws
and jets of flame for more than 10 years. They usually have
trouble finding US venues for their U.S. performances, however,
so they perform more outside of the U.S.

>From their Web page: (.... Makes you want to be there, doesn't it?)

"Great free entertainment for an outdoor party."

<begin quote>
SRL in Berkeley?

Yes its true, SRL performed its most concentrated show ever
on Dec 15th 2001. Packed into the lot at 1010 Murray St.,
presided over by Jim Mason and known as "The Shipyard" was
an infernal collection of machines ranging from the newest /
loudest, (Hovercraft), to the most dangerous, (The remote
controlled Pitching machine). Also included was the latest
PeopleHater Ape fighting technology, as well as some old
favorites like the Inchworm and 2 moldy Sneaky Soldiers,
upgraded just for this event!! Sum it all up and we had one
exciting 35-minute crash and burn. See Pics, Video coming

For the 500 people who made it from word of mouth
information alone congrats on squeezing into one of our best
events ever. For all those who did not hear about the show
we regret that this event could not be made public. There
was room for only 500 audience and the prospect of several
thousand people milling about on a Berkeley sidestreet would
have risked police intervention and another cancellation (
as occurred at Ace Junkyard earlier this year). For those of
you who are of a proactive bent and are interested in
viewing an SRL show in this area, I suggest writing a letter
to both Tania Bauer at the San Francisco Fire Dept Fire
Commission ( and to Willie Brown's
office ( Ask the SFFD to lay off the
harsh and unreasonable limits imposed on SRL shows in this

We are looking for individuals with property in a remote
area within 70 miles of the SF bay Area to set up an
extended test of the Flame Hurricane. Great free
entertainment for an outdoor party.

SRL is now looking for alternate show venues in the
continental US. Interested parties should bear in mind that
SRL events are currently offered for free. All funding,
including costs related to securing permits will be paid up
front by SRL. We only need a location and possibly permits.
Parties who secure needed permits and locations will be paid
handsomely for their services. Please see show requirements
page for suggested specifications regarding physical sites.
Please contact Mark Pauline at markp at srl dot org
regarding show locations.

SRL is the now offering the Tokyo Performance Video for
sale. Ordering info here...

Now you can host a full scale SRL event in your area for
FREE. Yes, due to the increasing difficulty of securing
sites for SRL events due to pre-show intervention by Fire
Inspectors, we are now offering full scale SRL events for
FREE. All funding will be secured through SRL internal
channels. All a local promoter has to do is secure a
suitable location and acquire permits that will assure that
the fire and Police departments will not ruin the fun. After
that, SRL will show up and raise holy hell in your town. SRL
will need 8 weeks of pre-show prep time once a site and
permits are secured. Two weeks on-site time prior to event.
Offer good in continental US only. Interested parties should
email SRL Director Mark Pauline at mark @ srl dot org for
further information
<end quote>

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