Rant: was Re: NEWS: Ireland takes wind power plunge

From: Spudboy100@aol.com
Date: Fri Jan 11 2002 - 23:23:19 MST

James noted:

<<It's only pocket change of course, but this project might just put a fire
under some of the other EU nations who would also have suitable
conditions. After all, can't have the Irish owning the largest offshore
wind facility in the world, now can we? :) >>

My only contention is that people see energy technology for what it
is-politically neutral. The purpose is to generate enough electricity to
sustain the public's appliances, and for schools, factories, and government
buildings. Because "green" Luddites love coastal wind power is no reason to
cheer it on or curse it. My sense of this is that in the UK and Ireland, an
economic-technical, public discourse becomes the cannon fodder for the left,
and their syncompantic journalists. It wasn't so long ago that nuclear
energy was the darling of the 'greens' (read left).

Sorry for the rant, but on my late night drive home from work I often listen
to the 'piped-in' BBC on our so-called NPR affiliated radio stations. Thus, I
hear the UK version of how the world is. I also see (despite centuries of
animosity) how the Beeb seems to influence Ireland and Irish politics and
world-views. I have come to see the Beeb as an anagram for Boorish
Brainwashing Conspiracy. The BBC is great, though, for sound effects,
such as pumping 'wah-tah' in some 3rd world ditch, or some harridan, sloshing
French wine around her gullet.

Back to the original post by James. Technology is inherently neutral,
because we can use solar power to run gulags as well as nursery schools. Rant

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