Re: Media - UK: How to build a human

Date: Fri Jan 11 2002 - 12:55:13 MST

Gene Roddenbury was not above recycling his own ideas. The Neitzscheans seem
to be a re-do of the supermen and women, who were part of the Botany Bay
episode on Star Trek (1967), as well as Star Trek ll - The Wrath of Khan (in
rich corinthean leather!).

Or even the Borg (the ultimate computer user), who had uber powers and such.
It easy to make 'modified people, the fall guy, the heavy, in a tv series;
because its dramtic and cheap. Nice Borgs, friendly Neitszcheans, might make
a great
Friends 2060 episode, but it ain't dramatic.

On the other hand, all the comic book heroes have uber powers and are quite
popular, and religious myth figures who performed miracles have received tons
of good press (go figure).

Notice in Real Life attempts at augmentation for certain medical advances in
the artificial heart, for instance have made Barney Clark and Robert Tool
into heroes. The press has focused positively, on people with Ventricular
Assist Devices also. It seems to me that genuine advances seem to bring
genuine approval.

Dr. Finney observed:
<<They do have a "good" Nietzschean on board the Andromeda, Tyr Anasazi,
who helps defend the ship and gets along reasonably well with the crew.
However he is an ambiguous character and the writers don't try to soften
his Nietzschean attitudes much. He makes it clear that he is on the
Andromeda to further his own interests in survival and power. There is
a sense that if the opportunity presented itself he would betray the
crew without a second thought if it was to his own advantage.>>

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