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Date: Fri Jan 11 2002 - 09:15:37 MST

On 2002.01.11, Mike Lorrey <> wrote:
> Dossy wrote:
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> >
> > Perhaps the "natural universe" isn't as natural as it appears?
> >
> > Perhaps our universe (or at least our portion of the universe,
> > such as our solar system) is "farmed" by highly advanced beings.
> >
> > Perhaps life on Earth was "seeded" by these advanced beings.
> >
> > Perhaps these beings (who may live for a couple million years,
> > or indefinitely long, even) felt it was more "cost" effective
> > (not monetary, obviously, but perhaps in work effort required)
> > to create millions of solar systems and life on each to let
> > us grow and evolve, until they're ready to "farm" us for
> > whatever purpose. Perhaps we're merely entertainment -- like
> > an ant farm.
> >
> > This is of course, "wildly irrational speculation" but since
> > we seem to be partaking in it, I might as well throw out my
> > ideas.
> It is important to learn what is rational and irrational speculation.
> What people like Robert, Anders, John, etc are engaging in is rational
> speculation based entirely on sound and established scientific
> knowledge.
> Talk of humanity being farmed by alien races is irrational speculation,
> because it assumes facts not in evidence: i.e. the presence of aliens on
> earth at any time in history or prehistory as far as we can determine.
> However, as soon as real material evidence of such a presence is found
> and announced, such speculation then can become rational speculation.
> This is a fine distinction, but one that separates science from
> supermarket tabloids.

Funny, Robert mentions the idea of seeding and creating "independent
actors" ... why is it when I suggest the notion, it becomes
irrational speculation?

I never suggested the presence of aliens on Earth, or anywhere
inside our solar system, for that matter. I was suggesting that
what we "know" to be a "natural" creation (our universe) may very
well not be. However, I suggest that it also wasn't "engineered"
in so much as pouring a cup of sand onto a tabletop is "engineering"
the pattern the sand creates -- the initial action (pouring the sand,
or creating our universe) may be "engineering" but the end result
(sand pattern on table, or our universe as we know it) is "natural"
in that it occurred from obeying laws of nature, not as a construction
made to the specification of some external non-natural force.

-- Dossy

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