ECON: Robots Replace Check-Out Clerks

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Date: Fri Jan 11 2002 - 07:31:16 MST

Optimal Robotics sells more U-Scans
MONTREAL - Optimal Robotics Corp. has sold another 500 U-Scan self-checkout
systems to U.S. grocery giant Kroger Co., further establishing the technology
as the retail industry's next widely adopted innovation.
"U-Scans have been very popular with our customers," said Kroger spokesman
Gary Rhodes.
Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but analysts estimate the deal is worth
about US$46-million, or US$92,000 per unit.
"It's a great anchor order," said Neil Wechsler, co-chairman and chief
executive officer of Montreal-based Optimal. "The deal provides us with a good
deal of visibility ... and provides a company like ours a great base on which
to build."
The computerized, U-Scan stations allow customers to scan, weigh and pay for
groceries by themselves. They are generally installed in groups of four, with
one employee stationed in the middle to supervise transactions.

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