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Samantha Atkins wrote:
> Mike Lorrey wrote:
> >
> > It is a popular New Age myth that Indian and Chinese civilizations are
> > older than western civilizations like that of Egypt and Sumer, but this
> > is not so. The fact is that, if you go by the development of written
> > language, the evidence is that Chinese writing developed only around
> > 1250 BC, that of Sumer dates back to 3500 BC, and Egypt around 3000 BC.
> > While Indus Valley writing is almost as old as that of the west, it died
> > out long before the development of ancient Sanskrit, and Sanskrit is
> > derived from those developed in the west, not the east.
> Proof please.

Early Brahmi scripts first appeared around 500-250 BC and were derived
from the Phoenecian alphabets developed in the Syria/Palestine area, as
well as having some Iranian influence. Indus script died out 1750 years
prior, around 2000 BC.

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J Oates (ed.):"Early Writing Systems" in 'World Archaeology' Vol. 17 no
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DSchmandt-Besserat: "The Earliest Precursor of Writing" in Scientific
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