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Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 18:19:45 MST

On 2002.01.10, John Clark <> wrote:
> Robert J. Bradbury <> Wrote:
> >Assumes that there is some reason to engineer the universe.
> Assumes that the structure of the natural universe and the desires
> of extraterrestrial civilizations, all extraterrestrial civilizations,
> is not identical; a very reasonable assumption I think.

Perhaps the "natural universe" isn't as natural as it appears?

Perhaps our universe (or at least our portion of the universe,
such as our solar system) is "farmed" by highly advanced beings.

Perhaps life on Earth was "seeded" by these advanced beings.

Perhaps these beings (who may live for a couple million years,
or indefinitely long, even) felt it was more "cost" effective
(not monetary, obviously, but perhaps in work effort required)
to create millions of solar systems and life on each to let
us grow and evolve, until they're ready to "farm" us for
whatever purpose. Perhaps we're merely entertainment -- like
an ant farm.

This is of course, "wildly irrational speculation" but since
we seem to be partaking in it, I might as well throw out my

> Based on what we know now ET can not exist.

What we know now, as much as we might think it's a vast body
of knowledge, is still a trivially small amount. In all
fields of study.

It's a great time to be alive. The more we learn, the more
we realize how little we really know ...

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