RE: Submissions For January Exponent

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 12:08:19 MST


We should announce the FAQ that just came out and pave the way for the next
update which should be out this month. Something like below, feel free to

"ExI's Transhuman FAQ has returned to cyberspace, just in time for the new
year. The draft version 0.7 covers Extropy Institute and Extropian
Philosophy including the Extropian Principles. It can be found at
<>. The next draft version 0.8 will be coming out
this month. It will expand Extropian Philosophy even more and will cover
Transhumanist Philosophy, Transhumanist Arts and Extropic Art, Transhumanist
Culture, Transhumanist Futures, Transhumanist Technologies, and Challenges
for Transhumanists. Note the version numbers: we are far from finished.
We invite everyone to submit questions and answers to Harvey Newstrom at

Harvey Newstrom, CISSP <>
Principal Security Consultant, Newstaff Inc. <>
Board of Directors, Extropy Institute <>
Cofounder, Pro-Act <>

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