Re: The Politics of Transhumanism

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Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 14:09:10 MST

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> The WTA's Transhumanist Declaration therefore seems to be somewhat
> contradictory on this crucial question. On the one hand it presents
> itself as an alternative to Extropianism which is politically agnostic
> or even tending to the social democratic side of the poltiical spectrum.
> But on the other hand it adopts the Extropian, libertarian position that
> people have a moral right to engage in self transformation. Is it just
> a matter of trying to sneak in libertarianism through the back door,
> so as not to antagonize people? Is there a hope that supporters of the
> WTA will not realize that they are being asked to accept a fundamentally
> libertarian position, because of their prejudice against what they see
> as a right-wing (or as Hughes has it, even neo-Nazi) philosophy?
> I'd like to hear more about how the WTA expresses its position on
> individual versus government rights, especially with regard to transhuman
> technology.
> Hal
I believe that your line of questioning ought to be answered by the WTA.
Unfortunately, I don't think the WTA is in a position to answer it right
now. The organization is evolving from the (benign) stewardship of Nick
Bostrom and David Pearce to a democratically elected organization. In effect
then the position of the WTA is up in the air until the new democratic body
gets up and running. Revising and updating the WTA FAQ and website is on our
tentative list of things to do. Will you take a rain cheque? Mark

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