Re: MEDIA: NOVA on Gamma Ray Bursters

Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 10:48:19 MST

Unless there is a magical hyperspace or phase space to which the Jupiter
Minds can upload, explore, inhabit; they will need the visible Universe to
live in. So, therefore all the better to change things around to suit there

Example: Just because we humans today (in this country) rarely drink directly
from rivers, and lakes; the water still comes from the same place. Aquifers,
and desalinated water would be the huge exception to the rule. But we still
require water to live, and far more water then our hunter-gather grand-sires
of 1 million years ago. And for greater reasons. We, essentially still have
need for water even after a million years!

Now apply this 'water' example to hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, iron,etc. We use
these materials to survive with, to build with, but compared to an Uber
civilization of J-minds; we may be frugal indeed! If that is the case,
wouldn't their exploits at recovering useful materials be an interstellar
wonder-show? gave thought to:

<<Why? Just because it may seem sensible to us to engineer the universe, that
doesn't mean that a civilization a million years more advanced than us would
see it that way. Consider, if you will, that engineering the universe could
seem quite childish to a more advanced (and more mature) species. As you
out, our civilization is relatively young. So, look what older civilizations
on Earth have produced: Buddha, Lao Tzu, Patanjali, Mahavira, et al. Perhaps
when our civilization matures a bit more, we'll become more interested in our
hyper-cognitive, rather than our engineering skills.>>

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