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Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 08:41:26 MST

At 12:13 AM 1/10/02 -0800, Samantha wrote:

>I tested right on the central y-axis (neither "left" or "right") and about
>4 clicks up from the bottom (utter libertarian supposedly).
>A lot of the questions are phrased impossibly. None of the answers work
>or all of the answers are insufficient. Are the rich taxed too
>much? Well, yes. But they didn't ask whether the poor and everyone is
>taxed to much. Is charity better than Social Security to take care of the
>retired from the workforce? Probably not, but other things like totally
>free-form retirement accounts are MUCH better. See what I mean?

I scored smack on the middle bold line and on line 6 from the bottom. I
think this may have to do with the questions about the arts in schools,
etc. Some of the questions caught a hearty laugh out of me. Especially
ones like sex before marriage, privacy in the bedroom, etc. Some were
quite good, I thought.

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