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Date: Wed Jan 09 2002 - 09:12:05 MST

>G.P., Tue Jan 08, 2002
>Referring to the recent discussions on the list on politics and
>libertarian and socialdemocratic opinions, I wish to call your
>attention on the site The site proposes a
>test, well planned in my opinion, and a broad classification of
>political positions in four quadrants: authoritarian/libertarian,
>right/left. The difference between authoritarian and libertarian is
>evident, the difference between right and left is the classical one:
>(oversimplifying) right = the state stays out of the dynamics of the
>economy, leaving it completely to market forces, left = the state
>takes active measures to steer the economy.

Hi G.P.

I didn't take that test, but it sounds exactly like the Nolan
Chart. That chart shows up here periodically. It has a long history,
my first recollections of that chart is around 1986 (Does anyone know
the year it was created?).

I'll repost my message from last June, because it seems relevant here.


========from June 2001

Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 16:58:23 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Amara Graps <>
Subject: Re: Political views?

From: Olga Bourlin (, Tue Jun 19 2001
>Having been under the impression that I came to my own liberal foreground
>because of a propensity to think (at least I've thought so, all these
>years), I decided to investigate libertarianism a bit, and what I found were
>many sites where libertarians, gun advocates, Branch Davidians, homegrown
>militias and the like are linked.

I know very little about the good Internet Web sites for
libertarianism, (and sorry to hear about the above) however, the
following books are the first that I recommend to anyone who is
interested in investigating libertarianism:

David Friedman: _Machinery of Freedom_

Henry Hazlitt: _Economics in One Lesson_

If you still are interested to learn more of the political
libertarianism philosophy, then continue with the great classic:

Frederick A. Hayak: _The Road to Serfdom_

And Chris Hibbert has reminded us about the Nolan Chart, which
you might find useful and interesting:


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