Re: Solving World Problems: Step 1

From: Adrian Tymes (
Date: Tue Jan 08 2002 - 22:43:12 MST

Brian D Williams wrote:
> I've been pondering the basic question of educationing the masses
> of the currently uneducated.
> My favorite paradigm is Neal Stephanson's "Diamond Age" or "A young
> Ladies Illustrated Primer".
> What if instead of waiting for the hardware, we were to attempt to
> immplement this in software, via the WWW. The anyone could access
> it via an appropriately equipped Internet connection/device.

Problem: those who most need it, are both unaware of their need for it
and (mostly) unable to ask. They lack computers and, in many cases,
reliable access to information beyond their immediate communities. One
needs at least token hardware to access the Internet, and they lack even
token hardware.

> The initial version could be in english, but readily translatable.

True. And, probably, "localization" could consist of merely adding
English tutoring, in the local language, to the introductory classes.

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